Nike vs. Under Armour Maddy Epstein

Product: UA sells sneakers, shirts, sweatshirts, sports bras, etc.

Price: Women's Speedform Slingride Sneakers- $99.99

Women's Coldgear Leggings- $59.99

Place: UA is an international company.

Promotion: UA promotes their products by doing commercials and billboards.

Product: Nike also sells sneakers, leggings, shorts, socks etc.

Price: Women's LunarEpic Sneaker- $160.00

Women's Power Epic Lux Leggings- $120.00

Place: Nike is also an international company.

Promotion: Nike advertises their products using commercials and billboards.

Strengths- Under Armour does many things well. Some of these things include sponsoring many very famous athletes and they also get really positive customer reviews, meaning their customer service is good as well.

Weaknesses- While Under Armour does a lot of things well, they also have a couple weaknesses. These include how the U.S. Marines Corps banned their products from being used because they were not fire retardant. Also, Under Armour is not a very big presence around the world.

Opportunities- Some of Under Armour's opportunities include that they were just named the official brand of the MLB, and they have the chance to expand overseas by building factories in other countries.

Threats- Under Armour's main threats are that they have so much competition in their market, not just Nike, but Reebox, Adidas, Puma, and much more. They also have made some poor choices in who they endorse; the athletes were not as good as they predicted.

Strengths: Some of Nike's strengths are that their advertising is very effective; it brings in a lot of business. Like Under Armour, Nike also sponsors a lot of famous athletes.

Weaknesses: Nike's weaknesses include the fact that their pricing is noticeably higher than their competitors, and they are known for having low wages and very bad conditions for their workers.

Opportunities: Nike has some emerging markets in the Eastern hemisphere due to people wanting a more westernized way of life. Also, recently people have been looking to lead a healthier lifestyle starting with working out, which is a good chance to increases sales.

Threats: Since Nike produces, buy, and sells their products in other countries, the currencies used to do all that vary, causing the company to actually lose money. They also have so many competitors like Adidas, Champion, and Under Armour.

By comparing the two companies, I have come to the conclusion that Under Armour is better company because it is virtually the same as Nike in terms of products and marketing strategies, but it is noticeable cheaper. Since the quality is very similar to Nike's but it is much cheaper, Under Armour it is the better choice.

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