Napoleons Three Mistakes by aaliyah christopher

Continental System

Napoleons police of preventing trade between great Britain and continental Europe intended to destroy great Britain economy it failed because their were smuggler that brought cargo in to Europe Napoleons allies disregard his order and Britain responded with its own blockade the continental system hurt napoleon more than his enemy's and weakened the economies of France.

Peninsular War

Napoleon sent an army thorough Spain to invade Portugal the Spanish town protested so Napoleon replaced the Spanish king with his brother the war failed because the Spanish people renamed loyal to their former monarch and Spanish peasant fighters struck at the french it lasted from 1808-1813.

The Invasion of Russia

The French and Russia rulers had a break down in their Allies so Napoleon decided to invaded Russia his troops were people from all over Europe that were loyal to him the army within six months was wiped out from freezing temperature starvation illness and Russian assaults. it fail because he wasn't truly prepared.


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