Animal testing should it be okay?

pet or experiment?

Being raised I was taught to love all animals as pets and that animal abuse is one of the worst things a person could do, so why are we testing products on animals causing them harm? Animal testing is a very controversial and touchy topic among many people. Some see it as abuse and inhumane and others simply see it as “work.” When you look at both sides it is clear that both have a valid point as to why they choose what side they stand by. Many see it as all animals has the same rights that we as humans have and the same freedom so why risk their life just because we want to research? It shouldn’t be right for an innocent animal to have to suffer for us just so we can have unnecessary products in our busy lives. Animals do exactly the same thing humans do, they are born, breathe, eat, sleep and breed so why not treat them like us? Others see it as an opportunity. They see it as a way to advance our studies and to find more ways to help with treatments in various types of cancers and without those studies many would be dead already. They see it as positive in the way that it helps us know the unknown. It is a way to stop the spread of diseases by keeping it confined and to invent a medicine to cure it by seeing the affect it has on animals, rather than to be unsure and just give it to a person only for that doctor to later find out that the medicine is to strong and is shutting down the patient’s organs.

The biggest factor in animal testing and what would cause issues if we ended testing is how many jobs it creates worldwide. If we no longer tested on animals, we would see the unemployment rate probably be at an all-time high. Many big high end brands do testing on animals and surprisingly make up holds a lot more than any other category. Brands including: Mary Kay, L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, Dior, and MAC all rest on animals. For many companies they may not believe in the law of animal testing but due to specific laws they are required to. For instance, MAC is owned by Estee Lauder whose policy is not to test on animals unless required by law. MAC is made in china and china requires animal testing therefore they have to test labeling them as NOT cruelty free.

Is beauty really worth the pain?

As of 2016 there has been estimated 26 million animals tested on in just the United States alone. There has also been research to try to prove that animal testing has been performed on live animals since at least 500 BC. California Biomedical research association stated that in the last 100 years almost every medical breakthrough has involved animal testing. When looking at the human body compared to an animal body they can be very similar in anatomy and physiology. For example, a chimpanzee shares 99% of their DNA with humans and mice are 98% similar. All mammals have a common ancestor and the same main organs. When you look at it in that way then it does make a little more since to test on an animal rather than a human. A human body and an animals body are so similar that the effect will be the exact same. Would you rather end testing and be unknown or continue testing and be 100% sure that you know it will not cause you any internal damage.

Over 100 million test are performed on mice,frogs,dogs,cats,rabbits,hamsters,fish,and monkeys each year.

A con that can mislead us in animal testing is that 94% of drugs that pass animal tests fail in human clinical trials. With that large of a number it makes you really think is It worth it? There is so much money spends in trials alone that could continue to fail multiple times. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as Peta is the largest animal rights organization in the world. It focuses in four sections, the clothing industry, food , laboratories, and the entertainment industry. They work hard to try to expose companies doing harmful animal testing and their goal is to completely end it so that animals can have equal rights. There are many other places like PETA.

Why not be cruelty free?

Photo Essay

Animal testing has been going on for hundreds of years. many animals such as frogs, cats,dogs, hamsters, monkeys, and mice are tested on for various things which can include clothing industry, cosmetics, food,etc. Even though we do not like the idea of animal testing it does provide many jobs all over the world. I tried to find a number to represent the number of jobs but was unable to. Over all not all companies are required to test on animals it mainly depends on where you are located. testing on animals is dangerous in many ways, it can cause hair loss, blindness, organs to shut down and death. There are many ways to produce safe products without testing on animals, it is called being cruelty free!

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