Mid-Semester Project C. Cramer

Figure and Ground

At times this is a simple concept in works such as this piece by Naomi from Workingwoman on Etsy. What makes the figure stand out so well is the vast emptiness surrounding the boater. That emptiness is the ground and it helps to anchor the focal point for the eye. Another example would be this piece by DianeMartinStudio on Etsy where the eye travels between the red hearts and the face of the crow. The rest is lost in the background due to boldness of the three focal points.

Frame & Surface

Frame and surface are important concepts in the composition of a piece. Its necessary to understand that positioning of the focal point or of lines when composing a piece can bring visual balance causing the work to be pleasing on the eye. The Woman in red by Andrew Atroshenko shows a fibonacci spiral overlaying it and demonstrates how this composition follows the pleasing lines of this naturally occurring shape. The stacked rocks on the right demonstrate use of 'The rule of Thirds' using lines to break up the photo into nine equally proportioned block by drawing two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. When compositions follow those lines or intersecting points, it often causes a sense of balance in the piece.


Patterns have been a part of artwork as long as humans have been creating art. We love repetition.

Its nice to add a little rhythm into a pattern for variation and to make it a little more interesting.

Ruth de Vos, textile artist

Turning Leaves by Lori Allison

Mark & Line

There are many methods to creating art, marks and lines are basic concepts that explain different styles in designing a piece. Marks on a piece can imply line and shape while lines can shape and contain the basic to the complex and has been used as long as people have had a media to drag across a surface.

Blair Zethar

Quilt by Margaret Cooter


Carol Nelson

Texture in art is wonderful. Its human nature to want to touch things that look interesting. Art with purposeful texture adds to the senses and allows a person to experience a piece on a three dimensional level through visualization.

Piece by Jiyoung Chung's Joomchi


The Grid

Grids have been a valuable tool for artists for their multiple uses such as the ability to give depth to a piece with point perspective. They can be incorporated into the art itself or be used to create a work by making a grid at the start and using it to reproduce an image or help with accuracy when drawing something from sight.

Van Gogh

Tree by Loretta Grayson

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