Roots Music Project A colorado non-profit Music Incubator

We believe in the power of music to make the world a better place.

All music is LOCAL.

We empower artists, audiences and venues to connect and create a thriving and inspiring local music scene.

Photo: Ian Steele and Jon Steele, artist, producer and promoter

Connecting Musicians, Venues and Fans

We are musicians, venue-owners and fans. We love music and we love helping each other.

Photo: Jack Brown, guitarist, vocalist, song-writer

How to be a good fan.

  • Show up early.
  • Stay late.
  • Spread the word

Support your local band.

Photo: Abigail Rose, singer-songwriter extraordinaire

Do you know of an interesting local band or solo artist?

It's all about learning

We are pros and we are hobbyist. We love to teach and we love to learn.

Photo: Rex Peoples, Voice teacher and Colorado Blues Vocalist of the Year

Musicians and bands

Past and Present

Spencer LaJoye, Midnight Strange, Fresh Fruit!, Jack Hadley, i.o. Underground, Delta Sonics, The Desperados, Eastlin, Rick Gabler, Robin Lyn Band, Jack Hadley, One Heart Beat, Rex Peoples & XFactr, Jack Brown, SIMO, Steele Blues Band, Hazel Miller, Coleman Dickson and many more.

Photo: Delta Sonics performing at BarFly

Build your audience

We believe that Musicians have the ultimate responsibility to cultivate their audience... through musical artistry, connection, entertainment and outreach.

Photo: Coleman Dickson, singer-songwriter, badass.

Don't do it alone

Join our merry band of performers, educators and patrons. We are social media hacks, sounds engineers and music nuts. We help each other out. Check out our organized jam sessions.

Photo: Ian Steele, producer and musician

You've got to have passion!

We are a charitable organization. Everyone can contribute in some way. We admire people who are kind, who like to teach and learn, who are ambitious about their art, who work hard.

Photo: Rick Gabler, professional musician, session player, producer, teacher and creator of future superstars.

Do you have skills and passion?

Turn it up!

Music can be loud or soft. We have created a physical space for rehearsing and performing.

Roots Music Project is located at 4747 Pearl Street, Boulder Colorado.

Looking for rehearsal space or private event space?

Venue-Owners are heroes

Creating spaces for artists and fans.

You mix the cocktails and we'll bring the customers. If you are a venue-owner, let's work together to create a local music program that is good for the community and good for business.

Venue Partners

The Rayback, Number 38, BarFly at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Boulder Beer, Shine, The Oriental Theater, Dickens Opera House, KGNU Radio, Bohemian Biergarten, 303 Vodka Distillery

Do you know of a venue-owner that believes in local music?


Photos by Rick Gabler, Ken Arias, Dave Kennedy and many others