Ten Stone Mountain Lodge The Majestic Cabin in the Mackenzie.

Getting here? This beautiful cabin is only accessible via float plane. The flight originates in Norman Wells, NWT. North-Wright Airways experienced bush pilots will bring you to the lodge. The scenic direct flight takes 45 minutes as it passes over the many ranges of the Mackenzie Mountains! Bringing your camera is a must.
The lodge is equipped with solar power, water for showers and washing and is fully furnished with linens, furniture and basic kitchen utilities.

This is hands down the best location to do some hiking and sightseeing! Leave the lodge in virtually every direction and you will be afforded amazing exercise and views! Look out for local wildlife like moose, cariboo, sheep, wolves and bears.

Experience endless outdoor activities with panoramic view of the Mackenzie Mountains.
With its' mountain terrain, you are afforded many opportunities to climb up high and see the mountains with a birds eye view.
Experience one of the most scenic sunsets while on the comfort of the spacious viewing deck.

Spring is one of the best seasons to visit the lodge. It’s the time of year where you cozy in to the cabin after a long day of snowshoeing or cross country skiing, stoke the woodstove, turn the lights off and wait for the northern lights to hopefully appear. You will be thankful for the cozy cabin , wood heat and the solar power if a spring flurry sets in.

This view is just a 10 minute hike from the cabin.

Summer visits are great for those who enjoy hiking and relaxing in hotter temperatures. They are perfect for crossing amazing country and coming back to a quick jump in the lake for a refreshing end to your day.

There is a reason why many people return from their stay at Ten Stone Mountain Lodge with excitement in their voice and in their eyes. They speak of the animals they saw and how they were able to connect for one moment with an animal that is so resilient to live in this harsh environment and they speak with pride their natural features and movements.

During Fall visits, the temperatures are generally cooler in the evening as the days are getting shorter and darkness sets in around 10pm. This is perfect for aurora viewing. The cooler temperatures also provide for comfortable hiking, wild- life movement, loads of cranberries along the muskeg ground and the landscape has changed from green foliage to reds and orange colours.

reviews from the lens of cabin radio yellowknife

Our friends from Cabin Radion in Yellowknife, paid a visit to check out the new cabin. What they brought back were breathtaking pictures and wonderful memories.

Share the cost to your family and friends and experience this untouched territory.