Solving a British Poet Question By: Royce Dickerson

We always questions the amount of work a person has done in their lifetime as success so In honor of the legend Daryl Moses turning 50. I decided to rank my poets by age and the number of people they wrote during their lifetime. It proves that the age of a poet allows them to change and differentiate their pieces of work over time. It also allows readers to analyze the different poems the writers created during their lives.

The Poets

John Donne Age: 58
Andrew Marvell Age:57
Robert Herrick Age:83
Alexander Pope Age:56
Thomas Gray Age: 54
Robert Burns Age: 37
William Blake Age: 69
William Wordsworth Age: 80
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Age: 61
Lord Byron Age: 36
Percy Shelly Age: 29
John Keats Age: 25
Alfred Lord Tennyson Age: 83
Robert Browning Age: 77
Matthew Arnold Age: 65
Emily Brontë Age: 30
Thomas Hardy Age: 87
A. E. Housman Age: 77
W. H. Auden Age: 66
Wilfred Owen Age: 25
Dylan Thomas Age: 39
Seamus Heaney Age: 74
Ted Hughes Age: 68
Philip Larkin Age: 63
Stevie Smith Age: 68

All of these poets were born in the UK or Western Europe.

There are only two women on the list, Stevie Smith and Emily Bronte.

The average life age for the list was 58.68 years old.

The Formula


Determine the age of your poet.

Determine the number of poems your poet has written.

Then divide your poets age by the number of poems they have written.


*Based on number of books written during lifetime.*

  1. Robert Burns 0.072265625
  2. Percy Shelly 0.089506173
  3. John Keats 0.115207373
  4. George Gordon Byron 0.121212121
  5. William Wordsworth 0.207253886
  6. Robert Herrick 0.286206897
  7. Wilfred Owen 0.304878049
  8. John Donne 0.305263158
  9. Samuel Tyler Coleridge 0.317708333
  10. Elizabeth Barrett Browning 0.326271186
  11. Dylan Thomas 0.39
  12. Emily Bronte 0.405405405
  13. Alfred Tennyson 0.430051813
  14. William Blake 0.496402878
  15. A. E. Housman 0.663793103
  16. Philip Larkin 0.670212766
  17. Alexander Pope 0.691358025
  18. Andrew Marvell 0.890625
  19. W. H. Auden 0.904109589
  20. Mathew Arnold 1.031746032
  21. Stevie Smith 1.658536585
  22. Seamus Heaney 1.897435897
  23. Ted Hughes 2.344827586
  24. Thomas Hardy 2.71875
  25. Thomas Gray 3.857142857


John Keats was 23 when he died and wrote 217 poems. 23/217=0.115207373

Alexander Pope was 56 when he died and wrote 81 poems. 56/81=0.691358025


John Keats

Scenery is fine - but human nature is finer.
Wrote 217 poems in 25 years of life.


Rank: #3

Birth Date:October 31, 1795

Death Date: February 23, 1821

Place of Birth: London, England

Place of Death: Rome, Italy

His best poem was "To Autumn"

Keats wrote the poem after a walk near Winchester one autumn night. The poem marks the end of his poetic career as his efforts were not giving him enough financial returns.

Considered as one of the most perfect short poems in the English language.

Unfortunately Keats’ contracted tuberculosis the same autumn which caused his death in 1921.


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;

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Created By
Royce Dickerson


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