Fear "When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we have some people around us who makes us feel safe, we become more open to life"

Standing in a long line. A lot of people were talking to each other. A man was laughing with his children. Other man was talking on the phone. A woman was feeding her child. What am I doing?

Looking around with worried eyes.

My friends around me were chatting. I am calling my friend but he's not answering me. A lot of loud noises around me.We started to move forward.

A group consisting of 5 people rode together in a car. Long cables extending from a building to a high mountain. Voices started to get louder. We're reaching to the end of the line. I stopped walking. Everyone is passing by me. I called my friends but no one answered. Started to look around to check if there is someone who is scared like me. I saw kids laughing. I started to shout.

Helloooo!!! Can some one answer me?

No one answered. I decided to move backwards. People around me were just walking while I am running through them to the opposite side. Then, I heard a voice calling my name.

Noooorhaaaaan! Don't leave I am with you.

I looked backward and stared for a couple of seconds. I began to move forwards again. Looking around to see who was calling me but I couldn't find whom. I moved till the end of the line where my friends were standing. My friend was the one who was calling.

noorhan, don't worry. I am here with you. Come on, ride & I will be with you.

My worried eyes disappeared. A soft smile on my face appeared. A man shouting:

Hey you! Come on ride.

There were a family inside the car. I entered the car but my eyes were looking to my friend. I called him to ride but the door was closed and the car started to move. I stood by the car's window shouting my friend's name with tears inside my eyes. I sat alone on a wooden chair. Sitting in front of me a family consisting of three members: A father, mother & a baby. The parents were staring at me while the baby was asleep.

I took out my phone and started to video the view from top. I turned my back to continue recording. Then.. I saw that the distance was still very long. The view was scary so I stopped recording.

Knees drawn up to my chin and my head down. Tears started to fall. Voices inside my head telling me that something bad is going to happen. The car is moving to the top. The man stood up and sat next to me. My hands started to shake. I moved to the end of the chair. I looked to the man with tears filling my eyes. The man was smiling to me. He raised his hand up. His hand was moving closer to me. I opened my eyes widely. He kept smiling and his hand was getting closer and closer. The baby woke up and started to cry. The mother was trying to keep him quiet. I started to panic. The man took his hand back. I stood on my knees and looked down from the glass door. Trees were covering the whole area beneath us. I sat back in my place and started to tap on the window softly while crying. The window created some cracks. I stopped tapping. The man stood up and sat next to his family.

The crack is getting bigger. The man took his family between his arms. The baby started to cry even louder. The mother kept saying prayers. I kept scrubbing my eyes because they were filled with tears. The view became blurry. The women started to cry. The man held them tighter to his chest. The baby's crying dropped softly. The women smiled with tears dropping from her eyes. The man's face was still. He tried to stay strong for his family. Then, the women stretched her arm toward me. My hand was shaking. I stretched my arm slowly toward her. Then, I held her hand. A small piece of glass fell down. Wind started to enter the car. Then, the whole window broke. More wind. I couldn't open my eyes. The women moaned softly. I barely opened my eyes to see that the car behind us is getting closer. I screamed and started to cry.

We are about to crash. Please Help! Figure out any solution please.

The family were looking to each other. The man kept looking around. The other car was getting closer and closer. The baby started to cry. I was panicking. I sat on the ground and drew my knees to my chin tightly. I began to imagine what will happen next. Fear was controlling me. I couldn't think of anything else. I remembered what my friend told me but it didn't change anything. I took out my phone to call him but there was no network. I tried to call but hopeless. The man looked to his family and said.

Don't worry. We will be safe. I promise!

The man stood up and took his jacket off. He tried to block the air. The car's speed became faster. The women looked to the man with hearts inside her eyes. The man smiled to his family. I stopped crying.

The man was still standing. We were getting closer to the highest peek. Wind became stronger. More wind started to enter the car. The car behind us is getting closer. The man was trying to block the air. The women stood up and gave me the baby. She tried to help her husband to block the air. I was looking at the baby. The baby was looking to me. He smiled. I smiled back. Then, he took my finger with his little tiny hand. He squeezed my finger. His parents were struggling while he is laughing. Then..The man shouted.

We are about to craaassssshhhhh!

My heart started to pump quickly. The women sat down on the floor and took the baby. The man sat down next to his family and hugged them tightly. I started to see the ending. Our car crashed in the other car and started to move backward. I stood up and sat down on the chair. I saw my friend in the other car. He started to shout my name. I started to hear his voice.

Nooorhaaan! I am here with you. Don't worry we will be okay.

I stood up to help the man to block the air. The car started to move again. We reached to the highest peek. We went out of the car. The man hugged his family and smiles were on their faces. I was shivering but the love of the family made me stronger. Then, the other car stopped. My friend jumped out from the car and came to me.

are you okay? It's fine. I am sorry that I wasn't able to Ride. No worries. I am now here with you. Come on let's ride to go down.

I rode with my friend in another car on our way back. I was very happy. My friend next to me made me feel safe and happy. We kept taking picture together. Also, the family who were sitting with me in the previous car came with us. Then, I started to hear someone calling my name. The voice in my head is fading. Then, it is becoming louder. I closed my eyes to focus.

Noooorrrhhaaaaan! Yalla we want to ride. You will come with us come on inside the car.

I found myself still standing on the line waiting for my turn to ride. So, everything was just a fake story inside my head because of fear. I asked myself.

Should I ride with them and avoid my fear? Or Should I refuse going because something bad might happen?

I started to remember the scene where the man was trying his best to keep his family safe. Inside my head, fear was telling me to stay. But.. Another voice in my head saying

No worries Noorhan! You will be fine. Your friends with you. Everything will be okay.

Should I ride?

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