William Wilberforce By: Andrew pulliam

He was born on aug. 24 1759 in hull Yorkshire he had three sons. Robert, Henry, and Sam. He had three sisters, Elizabeth, Ann and Sarah (known as Sally). Of the four children, only William and Sally survived to adulthood.
When William was only 8 years old, his father died. William's mother then became ill and sent him to live with his aunt and uncle, in London, Hannah and William Wilberforce.
In 1789, following his conversion to Christianity, Wilberforce became the voice in Parliament of the Abolition Movement
William was a small, sickly child with poor eyesight, but this did not stop him from attending Hull Grammar School or taking part in musical activities or sports. William was known to have a beautiful singing voice and enjoyed telling funny stories and playing practical jokes.
His efforts initiated a movement that ultimately led to freedom for slaves, not only in England but other western nations---including the United States of America.
The secret of William Wilberforce's greatness is inscribed on his statue at London's Westminster Abbey. Among his many honorable characteristics, the most powerful was "the abiding eloquence of a Christian life."
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