All of the above photos were shot on Fujicolour ISO 200 Colour Negative Film using a Leica M7. It is a whole film I shot walking around the lake of a country park very close to where I live. I can in fact walk to this from my home and the stream that runs through my garden actually feeds into this lake. So it's local. And I sell a lot of images of this scenic area, mostly as 'Generic' lake / landscape / river / seasonal images.

To be a stock photographer shooting outdoors and location images, unless you have endless energy and lots of money, travelling the world is both uneconomic and these days unnecessary. Back in the days before the internet becoming all encompassing, Stock Photo libraries were very country specific. Photographers would indeed travel the world building up a stock of images. But now libraries have contributors from all countries. Of course any photographer from any other country can still contribute images, but when someone lives near a location they can usually provide images that take advantage of local light and seasonal conditions. And that's what I do.

As you can see this was a sunny winters day. And what I try to do is photograph within a 50 mile radius from my home in all seasons, looking for images that can be used as location specific AND more importantly can be used in as many ways as possible. I've sold images taken at these local places all over the world. As you can see from the portfolio above many of these images could be shot virtually anywhere and also used in many different countries to illustrate an article either in print or online. I live close to areas of interesting and constant changing landscapes and I shoot as many in Winter as in summer. I'm out pretty much every day if the weather is OK and even if it isn't I choose an indoor location.

All of this gives me options in terms of what I can offer a library. And even if many of the images I provide are not that far from where I live, I've become adept at looking for and capturing images that can be used in many different ways. A well composed and edited image can be something someone halfway around the world thinks is just right for what they want and indeed one of my most popular images, a snowy golf course taken a few hundred yards from my front door, has sold in many countries and been bought over 1000 times.

So if you are interested in providing ad selling stock photography you don't have to travel the world to get sellable images. Just be aware of your local area and the opportunities it provides.


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