Ecosystems By: Hayden Blackburn BY:Hayden

My answer to question 1 How are living things connected? The living things are connected when the animals live with each other. And when they work together to get or kill an animal \ prey. They are also connected by when they share there habitat like there are tigers share there habitat with monkeys also with any animal in the forest \ rain forest.


Question 2, What happens if there are changes in an ecosystem or if one thing is removed from the food web? When one component it taken out of the ecosystem the animal(s) that eat that animal will run out of food. And then the animal that eat that animal will die. And it keeps going on and on and on until all of the animals are gone.

Mountain lion

Another thing for question 2 is that if all the orcas get hunted and their population down and then the great white sharks will over populate, and then all the fish will die because there is to much great white sharks eat the fish.

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