A Deacon's First Homily

On April the 6th, 13 new deacons were ordained in Rome for the Society of Jesus. As deacons they have become ministers of the Church and as such are called “…to read the Sacred Scripture to the faithful, to instruct and exhort the people…” (Lumen Gentium).

One of these new deacons is Nirmal Minj, a Jesuit from the Ranchi Province in India. A few weeks after the ordination he had the opportunity to announce the Gospel and preach for the first time to his Jesuit brothers in the community of the Collegio Internazionale del Gesù.

The following images offer a small window in this experience of service to the Church that for Nirmal is beginning in Rome, in his Jesuit community.

Preparing his homily through prayer and reflection.
Before Mass
After receiving the blessing from the priest the moment came to share the spiritual fruits...

"When we together take part in the Holy Eucharist we experience unity and brotherhood. As followers of Christ, as Christians, we have the same mission as St. Paul did; to give testimony of the risen Lord."

From Nirmal's homily on Acts 9:1-20 and Jn 6:52-59.