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Phil Breen is a local business owner who owns and operates a record store called "Phil's Records" named after himself. He founded his first store under his own name in 1989 and has had at least one store open ever since.

Phil smiling for the camera during a hard day at work!

To help his business grow and succeed, Phil partook in a multitude of promotion tactics to get the word out about his store. He hosted various concerts such as OAR in his store/store parking lot and also did cross promoting with various record labels. One of the major promotional projects he partook in was hosting Alice In Chains to dump a pile of dirt behind the store with concert tickets hidden inside. This was a cross promotional tactic for his store and the Alice in Chains album "Dirt."

To define his business, Phil used an array of different tactics. "I always have tried to create a family atmosphere," says Phil, so he has always had friendly employees and easy to navigate organization within his store. He greats each customer with a joke and a conversation to help them feel right at home and he goes the extra mile to make sure each customer can enjoy good music. Because of this, Phil's Records is defined by the people who keep coming back, the people who make up a large portion of his customers.

One of the largest challenges facing Phil's Records and all record stores today, is the advancement of technology. With a few simple clicks of a button, people are able to download music for free. Instead of going to a record store, they are now either illegally downloading music off the internet, or electronically downloading it from websites such as iTunes and Spotify.

The main advantage Phil gains from running his own record store is the ability to work so closely to something he loves. As an avid music fan and listener, it was always his dream to be able to operate something so close to the music business. In addition, the flexibility of hours enables him to support his two wonderful children, Trey and Lexy, in all their sports and academic endeavors.

Not Phil, but a great video on why Record Stores are important!

The idea of record stores and Phil's Records advances society by providing a great atmosphere to enjoy music. Without local record stores, the tangible ideas of music would be lost. The sound of music coming from a set of headphones is fine, but it is nothing compared to the music coming from a piece of vinyl on the record player.

The product has advanced the economy through the selling of music. Phil's Records provides a one-stop shop for CD's, DVD's, Vinyl, 45's, Concert DVD's and many other music related items. Back when these items were hot commodities, people would constantly spend their money in places like Phil's. Also, with the local concert posters and other promotional items within the store, other musical aspects of Cincinnati are encouraged and spread across the town.

Although record stores started as local businesses, many chain stores have sprouted up as a result in their once large popularity. In addition, Phil's Records has inspired other businesses of record variety to be created. Lastly, other products such as record coasters and tables with record designs on them have been produced through Phil's Records, encouraging other aspects of art to flourish.

Phil Breen owned six record stores at once, spread across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. After starting out as an employee at a local record store, he opened up a store and his dreams came true. The success of his store was evident as he has been in operation for so long. Phil never finished college, but instead followed his passion and it has paid off. He hopes to operate his current location in Latonia for many years to come with the revitalized record industry.

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