The Articles Limit By Nick Lawrence

An original American flag design

The Constitution, it’s what we Americans live by every day. It took the newly free country a long time to come up with what would be possibly one of the greatest governments in the world. But before we had the Constitution we had the Articles of Confederation. This was the first attempt at a government for the U.S. The Articles of Confederation Gave the Government very little power compared to the states.

Shays Rebellion-1787

The Militia

One way they do this is by giving the State’s power to form militias. The government was unable to form any sort of military. However they were able to appoint military officers. This decision could backfire tremendously, If each state had its own military they would essentially be their own country and make civil wars and easy, which could result in separate countries.

Virginia Currency-1802

American Currencys

Another way the Articles of Confederation gave the states more power is only the states could tax its residents, the government couldn’t tax anyone. Although it may not sound very important, it is. By giving the states the power they get to choose how much and when they do it. This could give an unsteady flow of money going to the government which could result in a variety of ways, government buildings being unfinished, possible wars with no way to fund the militias, or even a shortage in money printing.

A picture signifying a vote to make a national law

The Articles of Confederation gave the government some power though,they had the power, in congress, to make national laws. Although these proposals need to be approved by nine of the 13 states. And the power to change an existing law was also given to the states. All of the states need to approve changing an already existing law.

The making of the articles of confederation

More To Come

The Articles of Confederation Gave the Government very little power compared to the states. It was made as a first draft like-government that was almost the opposite of Britain, which is what all of the colonists wanted. They wanted a government with limited power and small states with more power, so the people’s opinions can be heard.

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