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Shakespeare's representation of the globe theater through, how the theater was built,History of the theater, and his life.

How the theater was built

Quote 1 - "The physical structure of the theaters in which his works were presented also influenced his play writing"(Lander).

Commentary 1 - They had a trapped door. The balcony which was used in Romeo and Juliet.

Quote 2 "They were built around a courtyard that had no roof"(Lander).

Commentary 2 - A lot of the theaters had to be built during the day so they could see what they were building. They did not have a roof because there was no structure to hold it up.

Quote 3 - "Private theaters were smaller, roofed structures"(Lander).

Commentary 3 - Only wealthy people could attend the private theaters. There were a less amount of people at the private theaters.

History of the theater

Quote 4 - "In 1576, James Burbage built England’s first successful public theater, called simply the Theatre" (Lander).

Commentary 4 - How many theaters were built but, this was the first one that was built properly. You can tell from this that they did not have a creative name for the theater.

Quote 5 - "William Shakespeare's early plays were written in the conventional style of the day, with elaborate metaphors and rhetorical phrases that didn't always align naturally with the story's plot or characters"(

Commentary 5 - He had a good education. He was not plain and used various of structural words.

Quote 6 - "During a Broadway season in the 1980s one critic estimated that if Shakespeare was still alive, he would be receiving 25,000 a week in royalties for a production of Othello alone. (Anderson 777).

Commentary 6 - He is a successful person. His plays were very good.

Quote 7 - "Sometimes playwrights influenced the shape and form of a theater... of plays"(Anderson 778).

Commentary 7 - Plays had more meaning then what people would think. There were different structures for different plays.

His Life

Quote 8 - "By 1592, there is evidence William Shakespeare earned a living as an actor and a playwright in London and possibly had several plays produced"(

Commentary 8 - They had some form of currency. Several different people also had a job with theatre.

Quote 9 - "Due to the plague, the London theaters were often closed between June 1592 and April 1594"(

Commentary 9 - There were diseases throughout the city. He could not have shows sue to the plague.

Quote 10 - "While Shakespeare was regarded as the foremost dramatist of his time, evidence indicates that both he and his contemporaries looked to poetry, not play writing, for enduring fame"(

Commentary 10 - Did not care so much for money. Shakespeare was considered one of the best at the moment.

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