Good Life: Nature Activity Holley Fugatt

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Nature on Display

The butterfly exhibit was interesting to walk through and to see all the different kinds of butterflies in one space. It was neat to see that all of the butterflies were different types of butterflies all able to interact with each other in a closed space. The nature aspect in closed quarters being s beautiful made the exhibit appealing. I got physically see the difference in the butterflies rather than reading about it in a magazine. Be able to see the different cultural butterflies and to see them interact with one another was interesting. It was kind of symbolic in a way that our world should be able to work in unison like the butterflies.

Butterflies on Display

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum allowed me to see how human interaction with nature helped us evolve. It was strange to see how Indians lived when today we have it so much easier. It's strange to see the different culture and how they lived, but also interesting to see where it all started. I felt no ethical responsibility to nature. In this time and day, we destroy nature to give in to popular human demands.

Natural Human Ethics

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by introducing us to the past and allowing us to learn about where it all started. Walking through the museum gave me insight of the wonders of the world from the different sea creatures to being able to see a scene of how they lived so long ago. It mind boggling to compare how we live today with all the technology and buildings around us as they lived in huts and barely had anything to cover them up. It allows us to appreciate what we have and where we came from. It also allows us to appreciate the wonders of the world as there are things out there that aren't explainable.

Mystery of the Universe

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