My Grade 9 Self By:Kendra Wilson

sports i enjoy included Volley ball, Broom ball,Soccer and Horseback riding. I personally really like sports both playing and watching them. there a sports like baseball and hockey that I don't play those sports but i do really enjoy watching them. there is also always my job I work with horses so I am always moving.

I found during fitness testing I increased my scores by a far bit very I wanted to like in my wall sit instead of 60 seconds I got 80 seconds witch I think is a good increase.

I found field hockey to be very different and a little more difficult then i though it would be.
if I were to be on the track team I would probably be in it for running triple I am a pretty good jumper the reason behind what I choose is the fact that I don't really enjoy running
When hutting a football you go down in kinda a squat position with the football between your legs and then wait for the quarter back yell the "code" (it is usually a colour and a number) then you throw the football to them
I find volleyball appealing because I have always loved the sport I think it is popular because a lot of public schools also play volleyball.
I would rather play singles because then you don't have to worry about the other person on the court and passably hitting them.
strong decision making is important because if you are at a party and you are being pressured to drink and you don't want to you need to know how to get your self out of bad positions.

Advice to My Grade 9 Self

Enjoy high school. But also don't slack of in class, party are fun but school can be just as fun as long as you are a good student then the teacher will work with you as long as you get your work done you can have fun in high school but also get good grade.


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