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Argentina is an amazing and fascinating country located in the southern tip of South America.

The western part of Argentina is a rough mountainous region. Argentina shares a boarder with Chili.

La montaña más alta de Argentina es el monte Aconcgua en 22.841.

The next land region in Argentina is the Subtropical Plain of the North. which no surprise lies in the north. This area is characterized by its lush jungles and forests as well its overwhelming amount of precipitation. Getting on average 140 mm during the summer months.

Iguaza caidas es mucho grande. 275 caidas encima 2.7 KM.

and last but not least the Pampas which are given the luxurious title as The Heartland. This massive region of Argentina has rolling hills and amazing vistas. 80% of Argentina's population lives in this land region.

Argentina es 8th mayor pais en el mundo. derecho debajo India.

The main language in Argentina is Spanish of course but they also speak Italian, English, German, and french. They also have a few indigenous languages such as Mapuche, Guarani, Aymara, Toba, and Quechua.
Argentina uses the Argentina peso. Hecho divertido Argentina ha bajado 13 ceros de su moneda desde 1970. Un peso equivale a .65 de un dólar estadounidense. Argentina utiliza el peso argentino.
Argentina has 43.42 million people that com from many different ethnic backgrounds so it makes it hard to identify one ethnic background. Algunas de las tribus nativas son Aonikenk, Kolla, Qom, Wichi y Diaguita.
The music in Argentina is as varied as its people. the top genres are Tango, pop, classic music, and nueva cancion(music used to mainly propell a political movement).

Hay muchos similitudes entre la musica popular en argentina y america. Por ejemplo, compartismos 6 canciones con su lista de los diaz mejores.

Argentinian food is very meet and barbecue heavy. Cooks prefer to cook over a large grill and in the open air rather than in tight cramped spaces. The national dish for Argentina is Asados. Which is a giant platter of steak, chicken, peppers, and a whole assortment of mixed veggies.

A los argentina les encanta su carne, pollo y barbecoa. Una pasta dulce llamade dulce de leche es mu popullar como un relleno.

Since Argentina is a mix of many different cultures it doesn't have one defined indigenous culture. However one very big one for Argentina is the Gaucho culture.

Gaucho are Argentina's version of cowboys. They are migratory horsemen/cattle workers. brave and unruly people Gauchos were also seen as sneaky and crafty people.

gaucho music is as unique as they are its slow and is very open to interpretation.

A popular sauce for Gauchos is Chimichurri AKA Guancho Ranch. Its said that the sauce itself has no flavor instead when put on any substance such as a fajita it will bring out more flavor and overwhelm your taste buds.
Pictures from the annual San Antonio de Areco Gaucho Festival

the Gaucho festival happens annually and resembles a large scale county fair. There are rodeos, barbecues, and and huge bonfire on the last Sunday to celebrate famous poet Jose Hernandez.

Gauchos Siguen Siendo muy populares hoy. el festival anual de guacho ha estada sucediendo por mas de 70 anos.
Iguaza fall is the largest waterfall in the world. It lies oon the boarder of Argentina and Brazil. Its humid and tropical and will only run you 80 pesos. Primero tendrá que visitar la ventanilla. Trae una cámara digital.
Buenos Aires is a cultural hot spot for Argentina. its warm and humid almost all year around. The cost for this depends on how much you want to do, however if you are visiting Argentina it is a must go. Trae una cámara digital. La mayor parte del tiempo es soleado.
Trae crema solar. Montañas para exsperts solamente.

Rock climbing is best experienced in Argentina . Climbing some of the tallest mountains in the Americas In the North West parts of Argentina. The weather is very mild and dry, plus the cost is just the price you paid for your gear.

Hace frio aqui. No esquiadores.

After your done rock climbing flip sides and visit the Perito Moreno glacier. As expected its cold year round at this glacier. Most of the time between 30s and 50s farenheight. If you plan on visiting this very popular tourists stop look to buy your tickets a few days early.

and one of the last stops you should visit Is the Reserva Faunistica Peninsula. In the middle east of Argentina there is a little island that is home to a lot of wildlife such as seals, big cats, and butterfly. Its very popular as well as hot and humid. the only cost is for the taxi to get there.

Playa muy bonita. Bucear en voz alta.


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