Florida Hailey

This is the the equator


Floridas climate is hot and rainy because it's tropical and close to the equator

This is a picture of drought

Drought causes the crops to grow the fish will die and we will have fires

This is a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms affect are location for an extended time

This is a hurricane

Hurricanes can bring heavy rains which can cause tidal clouds and high winds and tornados and heavy rains

This is a penensula

A penensula is a piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water

That is a barrier island

Some of the better known barrier include padre island of Texas

This is a florida wetland

floridas wetlands are inportant to florida because wetlands prevent flooding by holding water much like a sponge

this is a lake in central florida

Many lakes in central Florida formed because by the calapsing of under lying limestone or sink holes

This is a photo of oil

The Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico are important natural resources because the oil and natural gas

This is lumber

Lumber is one of floridas resources because it is important to the local economy.

This is phosphate

Phosphate is an important resource for florida because it is used as fertilizer.

This is limestone

Lime stone is one of floridas important resources because it is used in construction as crushed stone and for use in cement or concrete.

This is oil

Oil is important resource to florida because it is used for fuel and to make plastic

This is a renewable resource

The difference between renewable and nonrewnewable resources is Renewable can be used again and again.Nonrenewable can not


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