Video Game Addictions in college By Daniel Shin

When people ask who are easily tempted by video game addictions, scientists have discovered that they are mostly college students. Studies show that more male college students become addicted to video game easily than females. Sorry guys, we are in trouble when it comes to this.

Once you start down the path of addiction, things get worse. For example, when you start playing a game that has grabbed your attention to the point where you think, "I gotta finish this". Then you might fall under loss of sleep.

  • That is why we want to make a solution to this problem so college students do not lose sight of why they are in college.
  • First step, we acknowledge what we are playing.
  • Second step, we create a schedule so we can create priorities to study and sleep well enough for classes, instead of video games keeping us up all night we put a time limit on how long we play.
  • Most importantly, if we fail to act on these steps, we fail our work.

In the end, we should be able to enjoy ourselves with fun and play, but not forget why we are in college. So video games are not our priorities, but our reward and if we think like this, we can solve one of the most common problem with college dropouts


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