1800s life Era of good feelings

American Art

''When Thomas Cole arrived to England he fellin love with the immense and varied landscape''

Americans art was remarkable. The Americans brought European art traditions to the colonies.By the 1800s they started to put their national identity into their art. Not ever person that were making art were professional most of the ordinary people made all kinds of Folk art.Men would carve hunting decoys and weather vanes.Women created quilts by sowing bits of cloth.The people that weren't professional artist created signs,murals, and images of national symbols like the American flag.

American Music

''Star spangled Banner'' very known song came from an old tune

American national identity was alo shared through music.Around the 1800 in America music was mostly performed and heard in churches.Song were preformed outside of church to but they were probably old tunes with new lyrics.For an instance the music for the star spangled Banner was from an old English tune.With growing prosperity music started growing in an outburst.In the North orcheastras played clasical music from Europe.

American Literature

''Who read an American book?or goes to an American play.''

in the 1800s Literature was very uncommon in the 1820s a British writer said ''Who read an American book?or goes to an American play.''The united States was seen as a culturally backward nation from the eyes of the Europeans.But America was still finding its voice especially in literature.Like the painting of the hudson river writers began to use uniquely American subjects and settings.One of the first to to get literary fame was Washington Irving.He drew on German folklore for his colorful folk tale rip van winkle.He set them in the wilds of upstate of New York.

American Politics

James Monroe was greeted warmly so they called it the ''Era of Good Feelings''

On 1816 James Monroe was elected president of the United States of America he went on a goodwill tour.Many of the crowds greeted him so warmly the the newspaper proclaimed ''Era of Good Feelings'' Monroe's 8 years of presidency is still known by this name ''Era of Good Feelings''.In that time it seemed that a new period of national unity has dawned.The government had to take more actions and build the nations econimy.One of the leading supporters from congress was Henry Clay from Kentucky.Clay was a persuasive speaker and was very intelligent.

Early 1800s

''Citizens of America needed to feel American.''

The nation in the 1800s was very different from what it is today.Everywhere in the nation travel was difficult and slow.Nothing was faster than a horse news took 2 weeks to get from one city to another.In part of the geographal diffrences stereotypes and lifestyles were developed.Uniting the nation required more than building roads and waterways.''The citizens of America needed to feel American.''

Counter Argument

Not all people had a great time in the Era Of Good Feelings.People that didn't have it the same as most men were slaves and woman.Women almost had the same rights as slaves but they were treated a little better the reason they were almost the same as slaves was because they had to do anything their husband told the to the had to stay at home they also didn't really get educated.


SO as you can see the era of good feelings was a great time for most people because U.S was not in war and it was very peaceful at that time. The people that wouldn't agree it was an Era of Good Feelings were slaves and women.The president of the 1800s was James Monroe the person who brought peace to the nation.

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