Pollution Control website by emma J and emma-claire k

Shell Oil

How can we stop polluting our earth. We know how and we can help! Our resources know what their doing and they can help too. It's the Pearl Project by Shell Oil Company. Their research is off the charts. A lot of high end facts come from their company. Also, it's all true. Enough chit-chat, lets get into it!

What Pollution Does

First of all, shell makes all of their products naturally. Here's another fact for you, food made of natural gas feeds farm animals. CRAZY HUH? Shell also uses their water more carefully, it's a new approach and is more useful.

What Pollution Can Do

Have you ever heard of the Shell GTL project? The GTL plant is one of a kind. It produces water, more water than gas. It is needed for water in the Quater's desert. That is what the Shell Pearl project is named after, Pearl GTL project. That really shows how much Shell really helps our water, pollution preventing, our air, and lastly our world!


Our world is really important to us. Shell can't keep the world clean on their own. They need our help! If you believe you can do it then you probably can. So, take action, help the world, clean the world! Actually, save the world!

You Can Do It

Maybe you are thinking how beautiful...But you should be thinking would this be here if the world was polluted? One minute we may be here and then not. SO PLEASE RESPECT IT, SO IT WILL RESPECT YOU!

The World Is Watching


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