UX to UI Project Enrico Gualeldi

Week One

Group Task- Define the problem

Discuss the problem at hand and discuss how we could overcome these problems. Takes notes and then begin researching into different mobile applications and gather any relevant information.

Individual Task- Develop two personas of the type of people that would be using this type of application.

Site Plan

Week Two

Create a Site Plan

Start considering what the structure of the app is going to look like and how many pages will be included. Also consider the navigation of the app.

Card Sorting

With all the final screens you feel need to be in the app, write down each screen title on different sheets of paper. Then get three separate people to sort out the cards the way they feel it should be laid out, then photograph the results.

Card Sorter Number 1

Card Sorter Number 2

Card Sorter Number 3

Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype

Create a paper version of the completed app. Start thinking about the positioning of the interactive elements, for example the buttons.

Get someone to test the application out.

Once this is completed, develop a new site map based on the testing.

Digital Wireframes

Week Three

Individual Task- Develop Digital Wire Frames

Once I made the changes to my design based on the paper prototypes I started to develop them as digital wireframes using Adobe Illustrator.

Week Four & Five

Develop a Visual Style

Now that we have the final layout of the app, its time to think about colours and textures and the overall design of the app.

Individual Text- Develop Mood Boards

Develop two separate A2 mood boards. Each should include images that all tie in together, either through colour or texture. Both mood boards should show different concepts. Include my name in each mood board.

Develop Style Tiles

Once the two mood boards are developed the nest step is to develop style tiles. Develop two separate A3 style tiles, each should reflect both of the mood boards. Style tiles should include a colour palette, textures, fonts, interface elements and a logo. Include my name in both style tiles.


Week Six

Develop a Presentation Mock-Up

Based on both of my mood boards and both of my style tiles, I generated two presentation mock-ups. Each of these mock-ups

  • Three screens placed in a Photoshop mock-up image to simulate environment
  • Each mock-up screen should be presented on separate A3 pages
  • In total there will be 6 A3 pages as a single pdf.

Then give a short presentation about my design on November 3rd.

Week Seven & Eight

Create a Working Prototype

Choose a final concept and develop the finished screen layouts in Adobe Illustrator. There must be a minimum of 10 screens.

Week Nine

Deadline for Hand In- November 24th

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