We Are All Waiting For Something By: Celeste Lopez, Elisabeth Flores, jesika Gaston, HAley Mitchell


We are all waiting for something, similar to the way Vladimir and Estragon waited around for Godot. Life has always been something we humans feel the need to explain. We blame life for not handing us the card we wish we were dealt. Waiting for life to happen is well represented by Vladimir. He is given the option by Estragon to leave but chooses to stay in hope Godot will come.

Rozencrants and Gulidenstern are mush like Vladimir and Estrogon. Both couples are waiting for fate, instead of going out and creating their own stories.


In that sense human kind is Vladimir we wait and expect things to happen with out perusing them ourselves. We have also noticed GODOT said backwards sounds similar to, "TO GO". Whether it's waiting for reassurance, a life dream, closure, acceptance, help, or guidance, waiting for something to come to us seems like the easier way to do things rather than going out and getting them. It is clear that Vladimir and Estragon, never have any intention to actually find what they want, in other words, they are all talk and no walk. The final words of the play are " They don't move." And the cycle continues...

Homeless people are always waiting for miracles to happen to them. They don't actually do the action instead, they wait. They feel like God will eventually lend them a hand and do everything for them. They feel the need to leave it all on God because they don't want to take responsibility of what the outcome may be. -"Let's go"- "We can't" -"Why not?"- "We're waiting for Godot" This shows that they

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