Glass Gamer Heist By Mark David Wood

In the back corner of a glasses shop, there was a very expensive pair of glasses. They were behind 2 layers of protective glass, and under that is a 20 digit code that you would have to crack. He thought it was impossible.

MndCraft, and Crash Of Clams

There was a very large man, called Gerry in his twenties sitting in his apartment having some chips and Watching tv. He lived by himself, and he played lots of MindCraft and Crash of Clams. he spent all of his money on the games he played for in app purchases.


He got this money from the homeless donations box at Walmeems. It was stormy outside and everyone was putting up grey umbrellas and all drooped as if they were sad and they had lost their jobs.

Stealing the Walmeems donations

He was looking out of the window and saying to himself, " I'm just like them... I need to change that." He was lonely, and he had no one to live with. He was thinking if he could cheer himself up some more.

Sad Gerry...

Then he remembered his bill for his rent at the apartment. He needed to pay it by the end of the month or else he would get kicked out of his apartment and he wouldn't be able to play his games for a long time.

Really big bill!

He was thinking and thinking of a place that he could get some money fast, and he realized that only things that he could do was get a job, which he would never do, because that meant less time for games, start a MeTube channel and get rich, which was way too hard, and then he realized, he could just rob a store.

Thoughts in his head

He realized it would get the cash that he needed, plus a bunch more to live on and spend on the games. The only thing is that he would have to be very careful not to get caught, or else he would go to jail, and there was no way he could play games in jail. He thought that it was the only way he could get the money he needed to keep playing his games.


He heard some loud knocks at the door. He walked over to it and opened the door. His manager for his apartment came in and said, “So I have not been receiving much money for your bills. This time around, you have to pay the FULL amount, and you have to in 2 days, or else you will have no more place at my apartment.” He left and slammed the door behind him. Gerry was so nerve racked, that he thought quickly and not thoroughly, so he got his shoes and jacket on.

Sooner due date!

He set out to the glasses place and he walked in and asked for a try for a very large set of glasses. He got them to try, and he put them on. Then he asked for red ones, and blue ones, and polka dot ones, and ones with only one lense and more different glasses. The managers became more and more curious. He was sweating violently.

Trying to steal glasses.

He hoped they couldn't see it. He swung down a rubik’s cube and while they were distracted, he filled the air with lots of colored powders from his backpack. He realized that he was wanted now. He ran over to the corner where the glasses were while he was wearing some glasses that let him see where things were. He carefully dismantled the two layers of bulletproof glass, careful not to set off alarms. Then he remembered he forgot about the code. He punched in random numbers over and over getting "Zpt!" Each time from the machine. He was out of breath and he realized that if he didn't do this well, he would never ever play his games again, so he furiously punched the numbers and he finally got "Type in 123abc slowly to enter" in a robotic tone.

Super rubiks cube

He did it, and he looked as the panels slowly slid apart, and stared at the glasses. They were shimmering, and he fell in their trance. Then he heard shouts, "You are under arrest!" And he froze.

Wow... Um... Those are the glasses... Wow...

He took the glasses and looked for an exit that wasn't covered. He couldn't find one. He decided the only way would be to run right through them and push them away and make a break for it. He got ready, and he bolted forward.

No exits????

If you ever see the Glass-Gamer-Heister, you can see him as the sneakiest, slyest, stylish, fattest person that you would ever see. He didn't like to do things, and you might even say he was a scholar at being a slacker. He ate meals for free every day, and he always had friends to talk to. He didn't have to pay for electricity, and he played lots of games. In jail. He had been sentenced to a 30 year sentence for breaking into the shop and stealing the item. It was safely returned, and he was fined $ 500,000 for breaking in, which was 1000 times the amount he needed to pay to his apartment owner. He tells the guards every day that he didn't mean to, but that didn't change. The only semi fun thing he played was scrape the ground, where he tried to annoy people around him by scraping the ground with the spoon that they gave him. The spoon was getting dirty and dull, but there was a hole growing in the ground... The End.

Hmmm... not much left to tell. See you later.

Thanks for reading 😀



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