Me , myself and I R o x a n e

Hi my name is Roxane :) I'm turning 15 this year and my birthday is on 27 November :)

And I love food and I love to eat a lot !
Taking pictures is one of my hobbys and this is one that I took when I was overseas last year :)
Other then just taking pictures of buildings , skies ,scenery , I love shoes a lot and I also love to collect them :) And here are some of my collections :)
About 2 years ago I started to teach myself how to play the guitar by watching tutorial videos on YouTube , from then onwards I love playing the guitar , a few months ago I just started teaching myself how to play the electric guitar . And now I play them both on a daily basis:) And here are both of my acoustic and electric guitars :)
Other then just playing the guitar , I love to sing as well :)

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