Mini project

Miranda: Rose O' Neal Greenhow- born in 1814. She lived on a small farm and only had one sister. Her father was murdered. She was a spy for General APG

Evan: Stonewall Jackson- born January 21, 1824 in Clarksberg West Virginia. His sister and father died from tyfus. Family was poor and there were 4 kids. Got accepted into Westpoint Military Acadamy. Fought small battles. Went from lutenate to general

Jaylene: Clara Barton- born on December 25, 1861- her brother fell through barn shafts and got seriously hurt so she took care of him. She got supplies to help wounded soldiers in the war. A bullet passed through her slave and killed the soldier that she was working with. Founder of the Red Cross. Died April 12, 1912

Aliyah: Emeline Pigott- born December 15, 1863, raised on a farm with seven sister. Worked as a nurse during the battle of Gettysburg. She was a spy. Died May 26, 1919

Ashley: Rose O'Neal Greenhow: born in the early 1800's. Parents were slave holders. Went to her aunts boarding house in 1845. She had 4 children. Her husband died from an accident. She was a female spy. Died October 1, 1864

Mia: Rose O'Neal Greenhow- Third of five children. She worked on a farm for most of her childhood. She sent lots of lettered to the confederate union and told them about the BullRun. She was under house arrest

Alex: Robert Goodshaw, abstract idea- confidence- started a go fund me Page. The money if going to the homeless. He's gonna buy the homeless some Macdonalds

Zach: stonewall Jackson : abrstract idea- devoted. Kickball game. Teamwork, exercise. It free

Lexi: Jennie hoders: abstract idea- education: passion- writing/ writing to the 8th grade teachers

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