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The introduction of my new JD JEFFREY DAME Postmodern Perfume collection of fragrances has reminded me of one of my old rules of thumb for success from back in the day, the "Love and Hate" rule. My career in perfumery began back in the early 1980's [please don't call me vintage] in the days of the original Dior Poison and Giorgio Beverly Hills. The basic thinking for "Love and Hate" is a perfume could only succeed at a high level if it was polarizing - some people would love it, others would hate it - and the "Lovers" would buy so much the perfume would be a success. Any perfume striking middle ground pleasantries would be un-noticed and dismissed as innocuous and un-inspired. Who wants to buy anything average? Mind you back then in the 1980's there were only 20-30 notable perfumes introduced each season, maybe 100 a year. So each perfume concept was thought out and well-defined. Some succeeded, some failed - but nothing was average.

When I introduced my DAME Modern American Perfumery collection in 2014 I had to forcibly re-train myself for today's world. Yes of course each of my DAME scents are exceptionally beautiful by design; each one lovely and so likable and full of compliments. But there's nothing my DAME formulas too crazy or polarizing. By pure accident though, with my new JD JEFFREY DAME collection of Postmodern scents I returned to my instinctive roots. These new JD perfumes are bold and over-stuffed and at times off-balance. Still gorgeous - gorgeous is the only way I do perfume - but as the reviews for the new line started coming in I'd see someone note "OMG! Best perfume ever!" but then the next reviewer write "Umm, NO!" It took me a moment to get my balance, but then I smiled. It's only "LOVE!" and "HATE!". I'm all in. Let's go.


Jeffrey Dame

JD JEFFREY DAME Postmodern Perfume. Richness, Complexity, Contradiction. Messy Vitality.

[Why $38.00 eau de parfum 50ml? Why not $38.00 eau de parfum 50 ml?]

JD JEFFREY DAME Postmodern Perfume. Richness, Complexity, Contradiction. Messy Vitality.

Taco Tuesday

Yesterday was Taco Tuesday for me here in Arizona - not to be confused with enchilada Wednesday - and as I sat outside for a late lazy and sunny dinner at my favorite taco truck on East 36th Street in South Tucson it seemed to me that I'd wasted the entire day and accomplished little. In truth though it was a typical day and I'd done so much back-to-back and simultaneously that the day flew past without note.
The bits and pieces that made up the day included making fresh batches of the new JD Labdanum Doux and New Musk eau de toilette, filling SOLIFLORE Honeysuckle and Wisteria perfume oil rollerballs all while wearing different levels of the new Chilehead fragrance to determine the perfect concentration level. Plus made up small batches of Earth Mother Perfumed Body Cream and Black Flower Mexican Vanilla Botanical Hair Oil.
Ordered pumps, approved final bottle label artwork proofs for the new SOLIFLORE Ginger Lily, did some small Photoshop adjustments to the new White Sands New Mexico ad image for New Musk; plus worked on some of the back-end listing detail for DAME on Amazon. Also traded text images of spring dresses and formal gowns with two models as the three of us work on wardrobe options for an upcoming photo shoot.
At one point I spoke with my accountant who reminded me that accounting is necessary. Reluctantly did some accounting and paid sales taxes. Also plowed through ten pages of documents requiring minute detail and multiple signatures for obtaining a Canadian NRI Business License for exporting DAME goods to Canada.
So it was actually a very busy and productive day, but at the end all that mattered were the tacos. Yum!
Find your love. Find your DAME perfume. Exceptional Beauty.


New and now available DAME New Musk in an eau de toilette concentration.

You may already know the story of my New Musk fragrance. I developed the New Musk formula back in 2012/2013 and wore it as my own private scent up until the spring of 2015 when New Musk Man Cologne was introduced. New Musk is perfectly unisex but I introduced the formula as a "Man Cologne" simply because I had been wearing it myself for so long and felt a little personal ownership of it from the man side of life. Of course regardless of my "Man" designation women loved New Musk for themselves and New Musk Man Cologne has found a welcome place in both men and women's homes.

New Musk is such a lovely scent, and with each season I've introduced additional products in the line with perfume oil, beard oil, perfumed body mist and now a higher concentration New Musk eau de toilette [and the bottle without the "Man Cologne" label for those women who just weren't comfortable crossing over. Both concentrations will continue to be offered, New Musk eau de toilette 100 ml $75.00 and New Musk Man Cologne 100 ml $65.00.

A blend of lemon, plum, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, vanilla, sandalwood, musk; but mostly musk. For a woman or a man.

BTS Behind The Scenes - Coming this spring, the 14th DAME SOLIFLORE scent, SOLIFLORE Ginger Lily. Most delectable.

DAME Chilehead.

Available June. $85.00 100 ml.

DAME Chilehead from the Artist Collection. A collaborative creation by perfume maker Jeffrey Dame and his father DAME Artist-In-Residence V. Dave Dame.

A blend of lime, chile, cumin, bergamot, celery, peppermint, thyme, neroli, galbanum, geranium, artemisia, ylang ylang, olibanum, labdanum, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, birch tar, tree moss, castoreum, civet, myrrh and musk. For a woman or a man.

The Shield Dancer Project.

Artist V. Dave Dame Shield Dancer Statues
Eight of the ten Shield Dancers are now complete and when finished dad and I will drive about an hour south of Tucson to Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and photograph the statues in the high grass with the mountain peaks in background.
Artist V. Dave Dame in the workshop and studio.
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.
High above the desert near Sasabe Arizona USA two miles from the Mexican border you'll find grasslands, rolling hills and snowy mountain peaks.
and during my New York City stay last month...

I met this Canada Goose in New York...

[edit - An ever so kind favorite customer has gently informed me this is not a duck. I am be-fowled and bird-shamed]

Jackie O. Reservoir Central Park NYC Photo credit 2019 @padredame

We're both thinking of spring. You? See you soon, rain or shine. J

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