Droughts by iris

The Word Drought,

In the year 1000, a word was born. This word was to define a dry area with no water for years, or even centuries. This word I'm talking about is the word drought. The word drought comes from the old English and Middle English language.

When do droughts happen?,

Droughts happen when there is not a lot of precipitation for a long period of time. Its not like there is a spell to make it dry it is just it dose not rain,snow,hail,sleet or have any kind of moisture. When it dose not rain or snow the whole region starts to dry out. Droughts are super hard to predict.

Effects That Droughts Can Cause,

Droughts can cause very harmful effects to humans. These effect can cause death from the lack of food.Other effects like health problems and because of the lack of precipitation farmers crops don't grow which means they won't get paid, and will become poor.

The impact of a drought,

droughts don't just impact humans it impacts everything from plants, to animals or even living particles in the air. but because droughts effects most thing there will be less then there should be.For example humans need animals and animals need water but when there is no water the animals start to dye which means less food. another example is plants, plants need water but if there is no water there will be not enough moisture in the dirt/soil which causes the plants to dye and the dirt to crack.

What People Think,

Most people would think that droughts happen a lot in the desserts because it is really dry but it happens that a droughts do not happen in desserts cause the dessert gets precipitation. people also think that there is only one type of drought but there is many. One type is when the earth or dirt cracks.

A meteorolograicl drought,

this happens when a piece of land or region is in a state of no rain for a very long time.

Agriculture drought,

this type of drought effects the growth of crops and can be triggered by erosion and the condition the soil is in. this causes short water to the crops also.

Hydrological Drought,

This happens when lakes and reservoirs dry up and every signal resource is short to the land or area. this type of drought can take more time to show up manly cause it takes lakes and reservoirs to dry up.

Thank you for reading my adobe page,

hope you learned a thing or two.



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