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Habits of Mind: Persistence and Engagement

Disclaimer: That is a picture of a Long Island egg sandwich at the top because that is all I can think about at the moment.

This past week in class, the rough draft of raid four was due and the sense of panic sunk in on Monday night. I knew it would be hard for me to stay focused but I had to keep my persistence and get it done. I honestly thought that it was halfway decent until I got several email notifications of all of the comments you left. I have not fully looked through them yet, but I definitely know I am going to need to fix the majority of my essay. When going to class on Tuesday, I was nervous about the peer edit we needed to do, but it actually turned out to be not so bad. I truly did not believe that I would have anything insightful to contribute to other people's essays, but peer review was a lot easier than I expected. I also found it helpful reading other people's thoughts on my paper, so it wouldn't just be purely a teacher review. Looking back, I wish I wrote more and kept with my persistence so I could have input on my entire essay, but my laziness got the best of me once again. At least now half of my essay will be decent.

During class on Thursday, we discussed all of the assignments we have to finish by the end of the semester. There are only three of them, which gave me a sense of relief at first, but when you explained each one the stress came right back. Whenever I hear the word "Minecraft" I literally cringe. Sorry, but it's true. Knowing that I have to build things on it and make them look halfway decent terrifies me, especially since I do not even remember which keys are used to move the character. I understand that the whole Minecraft thing is supposed to be a learning experience, but failure is not something I enjoy, so in order to really try and make it good, I must engage myself in the assignment and work at it. When you explained in class that the point of Minecraft was to plan it out which reflects the writing process, I had a better understanding as to why we were doing Minecraft. I still will not enjoy building whatsoever, but I can now see the parallels it has to writing. I suppose that building is better than having to write three more short papers, so thanks for that. I will most definitely have to really engage in the building process for it to come out decent, which will therefore help me in other ways to learn to really interact with material.

The assignment that was mentioned in class that has to do with the users guide to Minecraft stuck out to me. I have never had to do a project with an entire class before, so this will definitely be a learning experience. It seems like this is a long-term assignment, which will also force me to show persistence. I have heard many people complain about having to work with small groups for labs, so I can only imagine how working with an entire class will work out. As long as everyone does their part it should be fine, but that usually is not the case. This is the main reason I strongly dislike group projects because I hate relying on other people to contribute to the project. This assignment will be an interesting project and I am curious to see how it turns out.

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