Visual/Textual Advice Essay Robert walton per.3

(143)"Why do we have to listen to our hearts" Santiago asks this question to the alchemist. We have to listen to your hearts because maybe the logical choice using your brain makes sense but not everything on paper comes out alright if the logical thing is to marry this person you like with a lot of money but a person you love who is poor the logical thing is to go with the money but you will for sure become depressed and regret not going with your true love cause it was more logical to choose the person with money
( 145) "Why don’t people's hearts tell them to continue to follow their dreams? The boy asked the alchemist. Because that's what makes a heart suffer most and hearts don't like to suffer." Santiago asks the alchemist to find out that our hearts will be hurt pursuing our dream but i also see it as a test to see if you can and will pick yourself back up again and keep following your dreams.
(115) "We make a lot of detours in our life but we are all heading to the same destination" I see this as quote of the caravan leader to santiago as him saying yes we have a lot of things that happen in our life but we all end up in the same place death. So why not make the best out of those many detours and enjoy life.
(128) "It was not easy to do; in earlier times, his heart had always been ready to tell its story, but lately that wasn't true." Santiagos heart right now does not talk to him so i think his heart is hurt and not wanting to do what he is doing at that moments in time. ALso I believe if he dose not change his act it will shut him off for good.
(139)"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve. the fear of failure" The alchemist says this to Santiago when he is questioning his dream on the idea that he will fail. The alchemist makes a great point fear of failure is the killer of dreams I remember the video we watched were he said they asked old people on their death beds what they regret most and almost every single one said something they did not do. So fear does truly kill dreams.
(129) "You will never be able to escape from your heart. So its better to listen to what is has to say." What it says is to listen to your heart because it will always with you and you will be happier listening to it so why not?


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