Katelyn Stephens interior Designer

It's not what we have in life, but who we have in life that matters.

Can you remember a distinct moment in life that shaped you? At the time you may not have even noticed the impact, but it surfaced years later? I can. I was seven years old and we were visiting my grandparents on their vacation in the north Georgia mountains. Every year they would drive their motorhome up from Florida and spend a few weeks in the fall, enjoying the brisk air and vibrant colors of the season’s changes. On this particular day, my grandmother and I were making dinner for our large gathering. She was lovingly, patiently teaching me to season ground beef and form hamburger patties. The sticky substance was cold on our hands and I distinctly remember her smiling face as I followed her instructions. For many reasons, I cherish this simple memory. My sweet, quiet grandmother was teaching me an important lesson. No, it wasn’t the wisdom of beef seasonings and proper patty formation. It was the value of having a servant’s heart, of cultivating a family who loves and honors one another. I felt a strong sense of belonging to a home. Not a house, but a home. I felt safety and comfort, that someone loved me. The setting for this lesson that shaped my life was a small motorhome, nestled on a campground’s gravel lot, surrounded by mountains. That day I learned that in any setting, a person can still feel at home. That is exactly what I strive to do in each aspect of my life; I strive to make people feel at home. Valued, respected, loved, worthy of being served.

It just so happens that I also have a knack for making interior spaces reflect that sense of home. A well-curated interior is an atmosphere for people to be at ease, where they breathe deeply and release the stress of life. In a beautifully designed dining room, we can share a meal at the table and connect. It is the setting for the nourishment of our bodies and souls. I treasure each opportunity to contribute my design skills to a space and to a home.

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Please pardon our progress. Additional work samples coming soon.

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