What i learned about the Revalution AKASHA WOODY

5 events leading to the revolution

1. the stamp act: it helped cause the revolution by putting unnecessary taxes on stamps and they had to stamp every paper they used .(1765)

2. the sugar act: the sugar act was the first law passed by parliament and after protesters the duties went down dramatically.(1764)

3.the Boston tea party: the Boston tea party is were a bunch of colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped tea into the Boston harbor after the the tax on tea was passed this made the British(1773)

4.the intolerable act:it was a series of acts passed to the colonists that limits rights that are usually done in Massachusetts(1774)

5.the town shed act: the colonists started smuggling stuff and the British were not happy so they punished them.


1, the battle of gettiesberg

2.the french and Indian

3. the British


Created with images by Provenance Online Project - "Stamp-- inked from Folger Shakespeare Library B1715"

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