Stock Basics By: MAkayla adams

Stock is the liquid that forms the foundation of sauces and soups.

Stocks consist of:

  • 5 parts nourishing element
  • 1 part mirepoix
  • Bouquet garnish
  • 10 parts liquid

Nourishing elements are the most important part of stock. The nourishing elements provide color, flavor, and nutrients.

Nourishing elements are:

  • fresh bones
  • meat trimmings
  • fish trimmings for fish stock
  • vegetables for vegetable stock

Mirepoix is coarsely chopped vegetables that add flavor, color and nutrients.

Usually include 2 parts onion, 1 part celery, and 1 part carrots.

Bouquet garnishes are typically vegetables or herbs that add color, flavor, and nutrients to the stock.

The bouquet garnishes are sometimes tied in butchers twine and added to the liquid for easy removal or added directly to the liquid and later strained.

The liquid in stock is usually water. The liquid is 2 to 1 to the nourishing element. Cold liquid is needed for stock to create a deep flavor and keep the stock from becoming cloudy.

You can add salt to the water before adding the other ingredients to add flavor and and heals collagen from the bones.


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