Gender Roles By: nate Van Anden

Gender Roles

In Elizabethan Society

Women in the Renaissance era were not equal to men. In the book "Women in the Renaissance" by Karen Raber, the author states, "The male principle active, formative, and perfect, and the female passive, material, and deprived."(chapter 3 pg. 67 Megan L. Hickerson) Women played several roles in society based on their age, while men played several roles depending on their social status.

Women in the Renaissance were looked after by Fathers, husbands, and churches. In the book, it states, "As a patriarchal model developed for the family, where identity depended primarily on descent through the male line." This statement explains that men were the leaders to women. The Elizabethans felt this needed to be done because they had little power and they needed to stay home to raise a family. (King pg. 1318)

Women did not have the same jobs as men. Also, women did not have enough time to work due to a pregnancy, or was not socially able to. The book states, "All women learned sewing and needlework... something for which was no equivalent to boys. (Raber 143) Also, the book states, "Male roles were in contrast, generally defined by social position or occupation- merchant, knight, priest, peasant, barrelmaker, weaver, and so on."(King 317)

Women in Elizabethan England had less rights than what women in America have today. Equal jobs, voice in government, and military rights are 3 rights that did not exist in Elizabethan society.

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