Edible Artwork Creative Centerpieces - Photos by David Stern

Working as a farmer means that person has many talents. In the case of Willowood packing shed manager Melony Edwards, creating beautiful centerpieces out of the produce she grows and harvests is just one of her many skills. Working with Madisun Elizabeth to conceive this edible art for an event at the Whidbey Institute. Please enjoy these photos of the "Centerpieces of Willowood Farm".

made with parsnips, lacinato kale, raddichio, chard, and raab.
closer detail of castelfranco radicchio and lacinato kale.
closeup of turnips and kale
Brussels sprout, rogue kale, and russian kale tower
detail of brussels sprout and russian kale
closeup of kale and sprout tower
kale, sprouts and beet greens make this centerpiece complete
A beautiful Chioggia Beet on display. Chioggia's are the variety with "candy cane" striping.
Purple Russian kale.

To learn more about the the incredible vegetables grown by Willowood Farm, visit WillowoodFarm.Wordpress.Com

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