Self Designed Exhibit #2 Grades with and without phone while studying

Topic: For this experiment I am wanting to see if studying without my phone being a distraction to me will effect my grade in a positive way. I will compare my first accounting test grade, which I studied with my phone by my side, to my second accounting test grade, for which my phone will be turned off and in my backpack while I study. The reason for performing this experiment is because I always find myself being distracted by my phone and other things, but mainly my phone. So I want to see if by putting my phone away I can put in more quality time studying, which would lead to a better grade.

Hypothesis: I think that if I turn my phone off and put it in my backpack, then I will see a higher test score than my last test, which I used my phone while studying for.

Methods and Data: This method is obviously pretty self-explanatory, and although I had no idea I would be doing this at the time, I studied for my first accounting test while using my phone quite frequently, but my test score ended up being an 87, which is pretty great. For my second test, though, I'm going to zip my phone up in my backpack and see if I can score even higher than my first test.

Data from 2nd test: So, on the second test, I made an 83, which isn't bad, but happens to be lower than my first test which I used my cell phone while I was studying.

Analyzing the data and drawing conclusions: Although I made lower on the second test that I didn't use my phone on, I think I will continue to employ this strategy in the future. There are always many causes for things during experiments, such as the material being more difficult than the previous test, which is the case for this test. I think if I could have retaken the first test with study time before it without my phone, I could have made even higher than an 87. The material on the second test just proved to be very difficult, which resulted in a lower grade. I am definitely going to put this strategy into play in all of my classes from now on. It almost seems like a no-brainer to think that not having your phone out while studying would help you out in a major way, but unfortunately this is something our generation struggles with. After performing this experiment and seeing my results, I think everyone should try zipping their phone's and other devices up in their backpack for at least an hour and see how it plays out for them.


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