Rat Rod By: Mccormick Morenz

If you want to come and face the best, the most dangerous, the fastest, then you will need a really good battle bot to beat this one. We are building this bot so we can have a journal on how we work on it or do to it. My partners are Seth and Damien. They are two really good friends and workers. They have helped make and customize things for the bot and helped put it together. The name of our battle bot is Rat Rod. It looks sort of old, so the name matches the bot. We also did this project, so we could learn to work together and help each other out. Our bot the Rat Rod is the best because it is the deadliest bot, it’s very strong, and it has really good offense.

The Rat Rod is the best because it is the deadliest bot. Our bot is deadly because it has really sharp points on the front. If you would feel how sharp the points are you would prick your finger. So when we jab the other bot the spikes go really deep and mess up there gears. This causes them not to be able to function properly. That is a reason why our bot is the deadliest.

The Rat Rod is the best because it is strong. Strength is important because the bot needs to push the other bots around. The Rat Rod can push up to 5,000 pounds of any kind of weight. That is more than what most bots weigh. Being strong is what makes our battle bot the best.

The Rat Rod is the best because it has really good offense. To have really good offense a battle bot needs to have a plan and be fast. The Rat Rod’s plan is to not let the other battle bot get on it’s side. It’s goal is to keep the other bot in front so it can jab the other bot over and over. Our bot fast because it can go up to 80 miles per hour. This is why our bot has really good offense.

Being the deadliest, strongest, and having really good offense makes the Rat Rod the best. Really sharp spikes make the Rat Rod the deadliest. It’s the strongest because it pushes other bots around. The Rat Rod has really good offense because it has a plan and is fast. Our bot is the best because it won all the battles. Do you think your battle bot has what it takes to beat the Rat Rod?

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