First Contact An app to connect kids in critical situations

'1st Contact' available on Apple App Store

A free download for kids and young adults connecting them to help in emergency situations.
Imagine a teenager out in the city late at night . They've become separated from their friends, are lost and a little intoxicated and disorientated. They're in unfamiliar surroundings, perhaps scared and don't know where to turn. Imagine if they could quickly contact you as a parent for help. The app lets them quickly tell you where they are and they can share location information with you at a touch of a button.


Key features include adding key contacts. viewing address and location, auto-population of sms, accessibility features.

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This is part of a series of free apps focused around youth mental health. I'm working with local schools and community service providers to make this a reality. The links below take you to stickers that encourage discussion on mental health issues. The Little Blue Book app uses AI to help is connecting young people with service providers and is in under development.

Thank you for your help - Vinod Ralh


When will it be available on Android?

If the is enough uptake of the app then I will look at developing an Android equivalent.

Can the app be access from the lock screen

The app doesn't have any special features for this. In iOS 10 even though an app may appear as an icon (from swipe left and in a list of widgits) - use may still require a lock password to be entered. iOS allows you to make emergency calls without the use of this app from lock screen. Some apps allow emergency contact or medical information to be viewed from the lock screen - this app doesn't try to duplicate that functionality.

How do you turn off location and contact access for the app as you cannot them off within the app after initial on-boarding?

There no programatic way to do that that I’m aware of.

You do it by going to:

Settings->Privacy->Contacts (disable switch for First Contact), Settings->Privacy->Location Services (change from While Using to Never).

How do you set up default name or text message in the app?

Click on the top right hand symbol on the screen which will take you to the settings page. You can enter a optional name or message that are used while generating a text message.

Do the phone numbers use real emergency numbers?

Yes. For internal testing we used fake numbers but for Beta testing we have real numbers. Normal rules apply for phoning emergency services - don't ring unless it's an emergency!

When I press add button it doesn't add my contact

Check to see that the contact has a mobile number. If one doesn't exist for the selected contact entry - it won't be able to add one!

Privacy Policy

First Contact does not collect any identifying user information or messages sent by the user. It uses Map and Contact frameworks within the app so that the user can see his/her address and GPS location and their contacts list. They can then choose to ring or send messages to their contacts.

Created By
Vinod Ralh


Illustrations my own. Photo from upsplash.

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