Final Project Portfolio Breanna Ross


I've always liked things like acting, and recording videos, and writing stories, but I've also always liked watching movies. I think watching other people's work is good because by watching movies by other script writers and directors with other actors, you get other inspirations and ideas. Basically other people open your mind to other ideas and also give you other inspirations. One person who inspires me a lot, I love his work and unique style, is Tim Burton. I think my favorite thing about his work is the characters; I like that they are so unique and while they look rough on the inside their personalities don't match how they look. He's the reason I like to make my characters complex and different, he gave me that idea. I honestly don't really know how to explain my style, I think the best way I can describe it is kind of dark. Not really suspenseful or horror but just kind of unique and different and not necessarily happy and bright

My work


Over all I have learned quite a bit this semester. I have learned a lot about editing; I know so much more about it now. I also learned quite a bit about camera angles. I now know more names of camera angles and how to shoot certain ways to get certain angles. I think the thing I learned about most in this class is script writing, I loved writing before but now I actually know what the proper way to write a script is and what a script should look like.

Breanna Ross

8804 NE 90th ave.

Vancouver, WA 98662


I’m interested in directing, I really like acting as well but I’m not very experienced. I have very little experience in acting, but I have some experience directing.


I have no actual experience as a worker, but I do have an education.


Heritage High School, Vancouver, WA, 98662

September 2016- February 2017

I was a student in video production for one semester at Heritage High School my freshman year of high school and I only participated as an actress in one short film but directed multiple other short films.


In the video production class I improved in some skilled and I learned a few other skills. I improved on my camera angle shooting skills and I also learned some names of different angles. A skill I learned is script writing, I always loved writing but I never knew how to script write or even what format to use and now I know.

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