The God-Fearing Girl By: cindy mellen

Someone lives with her, remarks the identical twin beds, sitting side by side,

and the symmetrical dressers in front of the beds.

An organized girl too, exclaims the tidy room, without one piece of trash on the floor.

Her love for reading is infinite, says the seemingly endless pile of books,

carefully displayed on the shelves above the dressers.

She has a festive flare to her, screams the little Christmas tree,

sitting on the pouffe and the lights hanging around the room

Her friends mean the world to her, spoke the polaroid pictures hanging across her wall. Her dogs too, bark the two panting pups sleeping on the dog bed,

and the leashes, hanging from the hook on the wall.

She loved to capture the world through pictures,

says the Nikon camera hanging on the hook, behind the door.

She is very musical, sings the violin sitting on the chair,

waiting to be played, and the ear buds, lying on her bed.

Sports were beyond important to her, says the volleyball,

still fresh with dirt from practice, lying below the vanity.

She runs often too, say the worn out shoes placed in a precise position in the corner. She had a competitive character and is proud of her accomplishments,

say the medals lying across her chair.

All of things, she does for God, declares the highlighted,

worn out pages of the Bible, resting on the bedside table.

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