"Drip" By: Tyler Bickhart

In this stage I rolled out my clay and it was still in the plastic wet stage.
In this stage I put my plastic clay on the template and cut out 2 of the forms.
In this stage I cut my clay structure in half in a way in which it looked like it melted.
In this stage of my project I made drips that looked as if it was dripping from the cut I made. During this time my project started to dry. I sprayed it so that I could be able to slip and score the drips onto the structure.
At this point I put little pegs on the bottom so that my project could stand up. My project is in the bone dry stage in this photo.
After I fired my project I sanded it down so that when I applied the glaze there wouldn't be air bubbles and the glaze would rest flat on the dry clay and have a better finish.
As I progressed through my project I noticed that the way I cut it and the way I made the drips it looked like a honey pot. For this reason I used "tawny" colored glaze. This color is close to honey.

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