The Village of Hobart Local Government

Village of Hobart Village Office: 2990 S. Pinetree Rd. Hobart WI 54155

Map of the Village of Hobart

The Village needs a new skid loader worth $37,758 to replace their old skid loader which has a trade in value of $12,000.

The Village board, fire department, and police department have created Facebook pages to keep the Village updated, but some people don't want these notifications. To solve this problem they are creating a contact list to only inform the people that want it.

They discuss the 2017 Village spendingbudget as well as the Property Tax Levy.

The Village Board approves a plan for a Village Outdoor Recreation Plan.

On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 the Village of Hobart held a meeting discussing the upcoming LPGA golf tournament at Thornberry Creek golf course. They discussed how the planning for the was going. They have only 170 of the 700 volunteers needed for the event and the housing for the participants is going well. They also discussed the shuttle system for the event concerning the Lambeau Field parking and the passes for the nearby residences. The village is trying to get message boards on Highway 29 and 41 to let the people know that they have to go to Lambeau Field to receive a pass and shuttle ride to the event.

The village is working with Brown County and other village officials to make this event run smoothly. They are contacting the residences of the village to inform them on how this event will run and what they will have to do to attend the event.

I mostly agree on how the village is handling the preparation for this event, but they are still way short of the needed number of volunteers. I think to get the needed number of volunteers they should advertise the event more and maybe even provide a small bribe/reward like a free drink coupon to the bar. Just a little something that would make people want to volunteer for this big event.

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