flora fur fashion institute of technology

saving the monarch

migratory monarch butterflies are vanishing. the only food source for their caterpillars is milkweed, and we are destroying it. all it takes to save them from the threat of extinction is simply to grow more of their beloved flower.

reducing waste

faux fur is synthetic and petroleum-derived. it cannot biodegrade. it will sit in our landfills for generations. let's make something natural, that can return to the ground it came from.

helping our oceans

the production, use, and wash of faux fur all creates microplastics. these end up in our oceans to be consumed by marine life. this threatens their biodiversity and food web. it's time we move on from plastic clothing and seek something new.

farming sustainably

monocultures not only hurt the ecosystems they replace, but many others from their intensive water-use, pesticides, and fertilizer run off. crops don't have to be grown like this. we can create farms that encourage biodiversity, not prohibit it.

redefining fur

we can all agree, real fur is never the way to go. yet, in our quick transition to faux, we've created new problems. to help end the use of animal fur, it is crucially we address these issues. we can do it by finding new fur in nature, in plants.


Created with images by WikimediaImages - "asclepias syriaca common milkweed butterfly flower" • Alex Guillaume - "untitled image" • Pexels - "disposal dump garbage" • giogio55 - "sea oats garbage" • Julian Ebert - "untitled image" • skeeze - "arctic fox white fur"

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