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Different activities and their reflection:


Do you want to know more about what we did at Kala Ghoda Art Festival??

Drawing the main object that we came across in the field trip that was visually appealing:

'Buddy Talk' by 6th Grade

The 6th Graders had shared their experience of their exhibition. They told us the benefits of collaborating with colleagues that you never worked with. They also told us the important points to make the exhibitions successful. What I understood from this was you should not just go with your friends for your exhibition. Go according to your interest. Don't copy stuff from the internet. Your chart should be visible at least 4 feet away. So the minimum font size should be 18 and maximum 36. Track your citations. And most importantly: HAVE FUN

This is the reflection that we worked in groups on the 6th Grade 'Buddy Talk'


Choosing your three interests

We had to choose 3 things that interest you as a person. My three interests were Music, Baking and Aviation/Travel. I chose Music because I love to express my self through music. I can express it if I am happy, I would play a nice melodies, and if I am upset, I would play a harsh, loud tune. I also like to express my feelings through baking as I make different frostings for cakes. The design of the cake also depends on my feelings. And I can express my self through aviation and travel as I can make trip reports and design airline logos depending on my feelings.


In the town hall meeting 1, we had spoken about ways that you can express yourself through different medias. We had seen two videos. One was called "Color of Reality" and the other one had BMX bicycle stunts. These videos showed that you can express yourself through HIP- HOP/ break dance. The BMX video showed that you should be committed through all the work you do.


For the exhibition, my topic is music. My peers in the group are Kamal, Brad, Mahee, Nandini and myself. Our mentor is Mr. Cabral.

Creating our Essential Agreements

Making our lines of inquiry & central idea



We met our mentor Mr. Cabral and he had shown us a video on the way that how music could have begun. We then decided our LOI and Central Idea. We then started working on the content we should give the audience.

Our music group
This is the T-shirt that I have designed.



Our group has chosen the topic - Music. We chose to do it as music is one of our biggest passion. The work we have done as a group together is collecting information about ancient and classical music. We want to show our audience the brief history of music so then the audience get to know a little bit about music even if they were not interested in knowing about it. In our charts, we contain The Evolution of Music, different genres of music and the perspectives of music. This is to showcase as much information we got by different resources like books. They all have something interesting to share with the audience. We then perform the music through years and the change in technology. The first short song that we perform dates all the way back to the year 1938 and ends in the year 2016. We did this to not only give the audience information but to also entertain them with a few short songs that we perform.

I feel very confident about what we are doing and I am sure that this exhibition will be a success as we are assigning parts individually and work is being completed. We are also working hard and trying our best…..



Acquisition of knowledge

I learnt specific facts to gain knowledge about the history of music and more information that I never new about through different sources of research.

I developed my own ideas about including the evolution of music and adding different instruments when we perform our music in the exhibition.

I remember and talked about new knowledge when I searched about the possibilities when music could have begun and has evolved through the ages.


I understood the main ideas when learning about the genres of music and the different perspective of music.


I chose an effective strategy when I was completing a task for writing draft work on the evolution of music, we are performing songs through the ages.


I made connections between ideas and facts about the perspectives on music and genres.



I listened to and followed difficult instructions when I tried to play a difficult song on the keyboard.


I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically when I wanted to write about the evolution of music and the genres. Then if this wasn't added, then the audience would not really get any information about music, even if they knew, then they would need clarification.


I could answer questions based on what I read and my group members wanted a little bit of clarification on what an octave is. As I read, I gained more knowledge on this and I answered their questions and doubts.


I wrote a detailed report about the research on the LOI'S that we have formed that gave us more and more interesting facts about music.

Non Verbal Communication

I understood what someone was saying by their body language when we were practicing our songs. If someone was not doing their part well, we would use hand gestures to grab their attention, because we can't stop when we are playing our song.

week 5





During the five weeks of exhibition, I feel I have been caring as I helped one of our group member. She was struggling in pronouncing some words, so I helped her out, made her revise it, and now she does not really struggle. I also helped others out with figuring their instrumental part.


Through the five weeks, I feel I have been a communicator as I cleared doubts on vocabulary and basic information. As I know a lot about music, I cleared doubts with genres and how music has evolved overtime.


Wednesday, March 29, 2016.

We presented our topic- Music. To the class of 5F. We have done quite well in the presentation and we got lots of constructive feedback.

Research Skills

listing down research

From my research, I found out more forms of music (genres I did not know). For our first Line of Inquiry- Evolution of music, I found out about the change in music from the 1700's to the early 1950's. For LOI 2- Genres of Music, I searched the genres from the classical period of music, to the latest genre. I found out the Baroque composers were born in 1685. I found out that Bach and Handel were the composers of the Baroque period in the 17th century


Formulating Questions:

I made up questions that I could research and find lots of information about the genres of music and it helped our band to perform many genres of music, the song that we start, Heart and Soul, the genre is Doo-wop. And the song that we end on is pop (Magical Eagle).

Observing Data

I watched a video that helped me to learn the evolution of music.


I organized my brainstorming to figure out what I would have liked to research on. I wanted to inform the audience about the timeline of music.

collecting data

I used the internet to collect data for the timeline for music. We paraphrased the research from the books that we got.

Recording data

I took notes full of main points without copying sentences when we had paraphrased the main idea and knowledge.

I made observations and conclusions about the change that has been in music through the ages, and what people think about music/genre (feedback).

Designing the poster/Logo


Week 6

Sorting out

Sorting out questions:

QUESTIONS: Sorting out

How can we sort the information I found?- We can sort the information that I found depending on what Line of Inquiry it belongs to. For example: I found information about the genres of music, so we would put it into our second line of inquiry that's 'Genres of music'.

What information is most useful?- The information that would be most useful to our group would be the information that is interesting and not too complicated as there will be a younger audience as well as they should understand the information.

What is missing from our inquiry?- We need to simplify the information that we have as it's right now very complicated and people would not really understand anything.

What changes do we have to make to our inquiry?- We need to make changes to our inquiry by paraphrasing some of our information.

QUESTIONS: Going further

What other information do we need?- We need a little more information on the Genres of Music (LOI 2) as we have an interactive activity/game to play with our audience.

What other perspectives do we need to consider?- We need to consider what our mentor- Mr. Cabral thinks of our work and his feedback and what our other group members think, so we would make changes accordingly.

What further connections do we need to make?- We have to make connections with our first Line of Inquiry- Evolution of music and third Line of Inquiry- Different perspectives of music (integration). So what people think about the music from the previous to the present change.

What do we need to do from here?- We should start working on all the information that we have gathered and sort them out and start working on our presentation.

4 problems that I discovered in the group
Yellow hat reflection
Listing 5 of our best moments through our exhibition journey

Week 7

Concept Questions:


I enjoyed doing the charts and making a game for LOI2- (genres of music) as it was a unique way to present and we are confident about the content that we have researched on. I learnt more about music in the theory that I was not aware of previously and I am working better with the group.


I feel I have contributed to my group as my ideas are usually picked on and mostly chosen. For example: We were deciding on what to do for LOI2, so I came up with the idea of an interactive game (pinwheel) for the genres of music. I have given lots of information to the group about music as an individual, I feel I have a good amount of knowledge in music.


I feel the PYP exhibition is to show how we expressed ourselves through the entire PYP program and the ways we do so.


I feel I have a good group as we know a lot about music individually and the group contributes a lot. So this group according to me is made appropriately.

Week 8

What form will our action take?- I would choose the form to spread awareness by distributing fliers and posters for people to understand how important music is.


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