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Currently as you know school will be online until May 1st, and because of this there are no robotics meanings. Currently we are brainstorming ideas for next year's preseason competition and how we might do outreach over the summer and next year on Discord. It is very important that you are up to date and know what is happening with our team.

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Currently the build team is brainstorm ideas for the upcoming season.

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Did you know that there is a state FRC Newsletter that goes out roughly once a month? It includes important dates and announcements, fundraising ideas, job opportunities, and more! We would like all in our AMES Robotics community to subscribe to the state newsletter to stay in the loop. To subscribe click the button below!

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Utah Regional recap

This year we had wonderful competition! We were selected for an alliance and made it to the quarterfinal. The robot's climber broke in the qualifiers, but we were able to fix it. We also won the Gracious Professionalism award to top it all off. Here are some highlights from the competition.


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