Katie Wyrick working with cru to make jesus known to the students of East Asia

Many people in East Asia have never heard the hope of the Gospel. Our target demographic is working with college students because they are the future leaders and influencers of East Asia. By sharing the Gospel with them when they're young, we hope to build them up in their faith over their college experience and then send them out to their different communities.

Throughout my time in college, I learned to share my faith and disciple other girls. I really started to grasp the vision of my role in the Great Commission for the first time, seeing how sharing the Gospel with people who had never heard of it before brought hope to their lives.

After graduating from university, the Lord called me to serve 2 years overseas in East Asia.

Cru's mission is to win students to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out to be the light and witness of Christ in their communities. Throughout my time on STINT, I was able to see all 3 of these aspects play out. Sometimes, I was the person sharing Jesus with someone for the first time.

We were also able to lead a weekly Bible study throughout the 2 years, seeing 11 girls trained up in their faith and able to share the Gospel with their classmates and families.

I really look forward to returning to East Asia to continue the ministry on campus. It's my joy to invite people to consider partnering with me in a variety of ways. If you'd like to hear more about my ministry, I'd love to get together with you to tell you more about it!



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Katie Wyrick