Olympic Baseball: The Truth or a Myth? By Matthew Ambrifi

Many people around the world enjoy watching baseball and the Olympics; However, many of them wonder the same thing…what happened to Olympic baseball?


Olympic baseball first made an appearance unofficially in St. Louis, Missouri in 1904, and officially in 1992 in Barcelona, Spain. 1992 was a historic year for baseball fans because they got to see their home country go up against seven other countries and play some good ol’ baseball and actually win medals for it. In 2000 America brought forth its first gold medal beating the all time greatest Cubans who have 3 gold medals.

The 2000 Gold Medal Winning US Baseball Team

No More Baseball

However, The sport began to fade away and on July 5, 2005 baseball was voted out of the 2012 Olympic games in London, England by the IOC (International Olympic Committee). This made baseball the first sport voted out of the Olympics since 1936. It was removed because of the decreasing popularity in European countries and parts of Asia. Europeans make up a large portion of the IOC and with their lack of interest in the sport, baseball was voted out. This meant that Olympic baseball would have its last run in Beijing, China in 2008.

Baseball in 2008 in Beijing, China

A New Life

This was not the case until August 3, 2016 when the IOC accepted the recommendation to have baseball in the Olympics for the 2020 games. Now many 8 countries across the globe gear up for the renewal of true Olympic baseball!

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