Be environmentally safe to keep your community clean

Here is a video explaining the problem of human wildlife conflict

Because of the expansion of the human population. The conflict between humans and animals is increasing tremendously. The more people their are, the more room for growing crops is needed. So, humans are taking up more land are moving right into animals habitats.

Since humans are taking over the habitats of animals, the animals natural habitats are shrinking. This has caused threats to the continued survival of many species. There has been baboons attacking cattle in Nambia, one horned rhinos in Nepal wiping out crops, bears and wolves killing livestock. The WWF Human Wildlife Conflict non profit organization states "The problem is universal, Affects rich and poor, and is bad news for all concerned."

Our goal is to try and stop this once and for all. We know there is no big solution to directly solve this conflict. But, there is something we can do. And that is to reduce pollution and contamination of natural rescoures like the air, water, and soil. If we can do this, we can save many species that are being killed from eating wastes that pollute their habitats and so much more. You can use these reccomendations below to help out with more than just stopping the pollution.

1. Get as many people as you can to use environmentally safe products . For example, friends, family, government, local organizations, ect. The more people there are to help, the faster we can solve this.

2. Help ensure that both people and animals get the space they need. We can do this by making wildlife preserves or buffer zones.

3. You can do something as simple as using environmentally safe products that are recognized by well known organizations.

4. You could even start your own non profit organization.


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