Don't judge a Book by it's cover By: Noah Mehling

Walking to a class where all computer nerds join together to expand the mind in the age of computers. Sticking out of the group was a 16 year old named Anthony. He was the only one that was working on his work. He didn't even glance at the people that were coming in. He was totally focused. Judging by his clothes, his wrinkled jeans and his sun bleached light red jacket, he doesn't have a lot of money to spend and doesn't really care how he looks. He never tried to enter a conversation in another group. I was kind of surprised he stayed on task unlike everyone else. The room filled up more and I noticed he plugged in his Apple Beats to drown out the noice. But you could hear in the background just a little sound which sounded like 80s rock music. He didn't didn't really care how he looked. His headphones were causing hit hair to be pushed up and looked extremely messy with his ginger colored hair all over the place. He wasn't the smartest kid in the class but you could tell he works hard and has a passion for computers. I talked to a friend about what he thought about Anthony. He noticed that jacket was starting to rip on the back. I didn't say anything something was different about him. But he seem to be a calm and collective guy all around.

Later into the day, I noticed he started walking to the teacher. He would walk back and forth and talk to the teacher. Turns out he was telling the teacher about the people that were not doing there stuff that they were assigned. He was a freaking teachers pet! He would intervene in conversations and tell them to shut up and get to work, nobody would listen to him and his face would light up like a apple. When he was working he was just waiting for the right moment to try to get someone else in trouble. If the person wasn't working when he said get to work. He would reveal a smirk on his bright red face and say "lets see what Mr. Franklin has to say about this." Most kids would try to fight their way out of him letting the teacher know what they were doing. I found how when ever he felt he needed to get on someone's back for what they were doing, he would take off his ragged jacket and roll up his blue and green polo sleeves. He wasn't even that big and strong of a kid. He felt like he had all the power with the teacher because he was on good terms with the teacher. Turns out I listen from others that say he acts like this in his other classes. So he is the biggest jerk in the school. I imagine he doesn't haven't many friends what i could see because of how simplistic his mind works, just to be the smartest and the most responsible kid in his class. Someone with that mentality wont go very far in life. With most people hating him because of how he acts. I'm not sure really his whole reason on why he acts likes a teachers pet and how he is better than everyone else in the class. Ive also noticed

that at JEL there are multiple different school systems that send their students to JEL, he for some reason holds a grudge against noblesville schools students because in his words that he stated " Noblesville is where all the rich and spoiled kids go to study." I find that pretty amusing. But nobody really try's to fight him and just leaves him alone. He doesn't seem to mind not talking to anyone cause he would just go back to listening to rock music with his Beats. Everyone judges everyone even if you they know they are. It's something we can't help. Our mind is always processing some sort of data about others. We can never fully understand who someone is without investigating further into their life.

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